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New Business Opportunities

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1. Register
1.1. Basic Data
a) Name of Company:
b) Trade Name:
c) Main Activity:
d) CNPJ [Taxpayer Registration No.]:
1.2. Offices in Brazil
a) Address:
b) Municipality:
c) State:
d) CEP [Postal Code]:
e) Telephone:
f) Fax:
g) Email:
1.3. Offices Abroad
a) Address:
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1.4. Contact Details
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2. Participation Modalities
In the event of Venture Company, inform the type of project or business opportunity (check the type below):




In the event of Investing Company, Financial Institutions, or FIP, please inform the type of project or business opportunity, and specify the total estimated investment


Se preencheu o item acima, selecione o valor total a ser investido
Total estimated investment in the project or business opportunity:

b)Agreement with Participation Assumptions :
c)Percentage of Participation in Intended Partnership : % (only numbers)
If the above item is accomplished, describe in the field beside the basic characteristics of project
The Venture Company shall complete 01 (one) for each venture.
Name of Venture:
Place of Venture (municipality):
State of Venture:
Installed Power (if Generation): MW
Approximate distance between Venture and point of connection to SIN (if Generation): Km
Voltage and Extension of Transmission Line (if Transmission):
Transformation Capacity (if Transmission): Km
3. Basic Information
a) Share Capital:
b) Net worth:
An electronic copy of Financial Statement regarding the last year, properly registered with the relevant Junta Comercial (Board of Trade), shall be delivered.
c) Deliver brief information on company's share capital composition:
Note: Shareholders (%) to individual level
1. %
2. %
3. %
4. %
5. %
Others: %

4. Declaration of compliance
We hereby declare that the company is in good standing with its tax and labor obligations, and is interested in taking part in ventures with FURNAS, according to provisions of this Invitation To Bid.

5. Additional Information

If in doubt on how to complete this form, please contact:
Diretoria de Planejamento, Gestão de Negócios e de Participações
At. Engenheiro Pedro Fernandes Motta
Rua Real Grandeza 219 Sala 908 Bloco A
CEP 22281-900 Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro

Clarification requests by phone shall not be accepted